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The standard report of the L&M salary survey contains:

1. Written detail report (example)

This evaluation report contains all detailed results down to the level of the individual function. Your salaries will be compared with the desired market:

  • Regional survey, cross branch
  • Branch of Industry survey
  • Comparison with selected companies (at least 15 companies)
  • Comparison with certain company sizes

The analysis are available in the following two variants: 

  • with bonus (comparision of your reported salaries incl. bonuses with market salaries incl. bonuses), or 
  • without bonus (comparision of your fixed salaries only with the fixed salaries of the market)

2. L&M-PowerTool (manual)

With the L&M-PowerTool, detailed analysis and simulations can be performed down to the employee level and, if necessary, with current day / extended data.