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Pricing- and performance summary 2021

Salary comparison

Pricing (excl. VAT) in respect of standard comparison

  • Employee numbers <50
  • Employee numbers 50 – 200
  • Employee numbers 201 – 500
  • Employee numbers 501 – 1’000
  • Employee numbers >1’000

 CHF 1’675.00
 CHF 3’300.00
 CHF 3'600.00
 CHF 3’900.00
 CHF 4’500.00

For companies with different locations or several branches (e.g. Swissmem) different pricing-or individual agreements apply.
In addition we offer various optional reports, such as comparisons based on specific lines of business, region etc.

Scope of services

  • Advice per mail or phone
  • Function catalogue as basis for your employee leadership programme
  • Various support schedules, for example BfS-statistic
  • Plausibility test for your ratings and salary figures
  • Detailed market comparison (reporting) on various levels: entire company, functional level,  functional area, function and person
  • Analysis 
  • Analysis programme for charts, graphics, simulations
  • Apprentice remuneration
  • Start-up salary after the education phase (apprenticeship, college of higher education, university)
  • Salary increase per current year
  • Companies with bonus systems
  • Workload per week
  • Fluctuation rate
  • Regional conclusion meeting

Approved salary equality analysis (incl. certificate)

Price (excl. VAT) for analysis / reporting, as option to the salary comparison

  • Employee numbers 50 – 150
  • Employee numbers 151 – 500
  • Employee numbers 501 – 1’000
  • Employee numbers >1’000

 CHF 2’200.00
 CHF 3’500.00
 CHF 4’900.00
 CHF 6’400.00

Companies which adhere to the legal requirements (BöB +/- 5%) receive a certificate.

We calculate an additional 50% of costs for companies which do not participate with the salary comparison module for the compulsory plausibility test in respect of the functional grading and salary data.

Scope of services

  • Legal compliant regression analysis based on salary data (internal salary analysis)
  • Special L&M internal residual analysis for the quality safeguarding
  • Detailed graphic and spreadsheet analysis as amendment on personal level
  • Adjustment charts via Excel file
  • Recognized certificate


Fees per day (8 hours)

  • CHF 1’800.00 inclusive of allowance, exclusive of VAT.