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Step by step

During our half-day introduction seminars in the fall we give you an introduction to our methodology and our ways to present the results of our surveys. Without any commitment from your side. You will receive answers to specific questions such as:

What is the difference between a salary statistic and a salary comparison?
What are the practical benefits of the survey?

You can find more information as well as the seminar dates on our homepage.
For additional questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Before the end of the year you decide to definitely participate in the salary survey of the coming year.

Functions assignement:
The function classification is the most essential element for a high-quality salary comparison. The function valuation determines the requirements and loads - the «value» of a function.

Our L&M-JobTax Excel classification tool (function valuation) supports you in a determined classification (client area)
Data transfer:
From February onwards you supply us with your anonymized data:

Function number, age, gender, salary and any bonuses, ...
Data validation:
In the spring your data is examined and you are consulted about any necessary corrections.
This is an important step in our quality assurance and the accuracy of the processed data.
Data analysis:
In the summer you receive the results of the survey for your region both in writing and electronically.
If desired we provide you with further analyses, such as interregional or industrial sector specific surveys etc.
In the fall we carry out regional closing meetings for participants of the survey to provide a platform to exchange additional information and experiences.